What does it feel like to get to do what you love? More to the point, what does it sound like? 

Maybe like Chime.

Nothing knits together the human race like the sound of music. It gets woven into the fabric of almost every individual life-radio songs, records, church music, the sound of your toddler banging on a coffee can-a soundtrack of our emotional, intellectual and spiritual selves. Musicians are lucky to get play as well as hear music. It's a privilege and a gift, and we're here to make the most of it.

We love music, and we play the music we love. For this band, that means: Covers. Chestnuts, the big, seminal hits; neglected album tracks and obscurities. A kind of cool, unclassifiable radio station of the mind. We mix it up, but we keep the ship set on fun, on music that connects-that fabric, crazy-quilt thing again.

For the stats-oriented:

4 guys. Bass. Drums. Guitar. Keyboards. Vocals. The guitar arsenal includes a cherry vintage Guild electric, Martin acoustic and a National resonator. Also in the aural fridge: Hammond B3 keyboard, Wurly, fretless Jazz bass, classic Ludwig Ringo drum kit, or small-footprint Sonor kit, plus an array of tasty percussive add-ons, as needed.

2 girls. Vocals and Vocals. Both blessed with dynamic, beautiful and versatile pipes, adding that especially special something to everything. 

We are all over the age of 21. We heart the Beatles and The Band and long walks with that special someone. We're nice.

Band Bios

Brian Amelang is Promiscuous

Brian can't quite decide what to be when he grows up: In addition to Chime, he's in a rock-originals band, a jazz quartet and plays bluegrass and old-time with his wife Maggie. While he might lack focus, he thinks musical promiscuity has benefits, not least of which is getting to spend time with so many fun, talented people.

Tim Scully Bares All

When the Beatles first landed in the U.S., Tim was already playing folk guitar and at 14 formed a rock band in Iowa. Since then he has played in several rock bands and acoustic groups, performing in dive bars and concert halls. In Chime he has found the freedom to bare his soul through frequent guitar solos and facial contortions. Oh, what a release it is!

Jeff Mueller Hits Stuff

Since the age of 9 he’s found percussive ways to “annoy” and/or “entertain” those around him. Jeff has played in a wide range of groups since the age of 15—from bands possessing great talents to bands possessing only great hopes. Mr. Mueller currently mans the drum kit for Chime and The Melvilles, while also sitting in with assorted roustabout operations. Drumming is about timekeeping, listening, driving a song and mastering the musicality of hitting things. 

Jeff Jones Is a Low-End Lover

After assorted experimentations with assorted instruments, Jeff found his deep voice in the bass. High School saw an intense competition for coveted Jazz Ensemble spots—kind of Whiplash-like without the blood and flying folding chairs. Mr. Jones won his spot and has not looked back. J. Jones has held down the low end for a wide range of genres, including jazz, rock, pop, funk, bluegrass and musical theater. “It starts with the rhythm section. When the band sounds good, I know I’m doing my job…well.”

Sara Tinklenberg Performs Daily

Ms. Tinklenberg is a back-up singer with aspirations to be an amazing back-up singer. We in Chime do hereby proclaim that she achieves that goal each time she steps to the micro-horn. Sara is truly a performer of wonderments as a member of the beloved Prairie Fire Lady Choir, in her day gig as a Special Education teacher, at her full-time mom show and in her weekly Chime Time adventures. We are proud to back her up. Sara and her vox partner, Holly, truly put the charm in Chime.

Holly Garnell Is Banned From Car-Singing

Daughter one pleads, “Mom no more singing in the car!” Daughter dos shouts, “More mom more!” Thankfully, Ms. Garnell knows how to handle the most fickle audience. Holly is our token Yooper (native of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula), a lady of the fabulous Prairie Fire Lady Choir, yoga instructor, entrepreneur, high school counselor and mom to a pair of mini-Hollies. We couldn’t be happier that she sings constantly and beautifully, and will gladly move Chime rehearsal to her car—shove over girls.